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A Little About Me

My name is Miko Jimenez, photojournalist and enthusiast. I decided I wanted to take photography more seriously just before the start high school at Bishop Moore. There I took Digital Art and Creative Photo to learn more about the principles of photography and now apply my knowledge in Yearbook. For my piece entitled “Tree of Serenity” I received 2nd Place in Digital Art A. For my piece entitled “Cat’s Aspirations“ I was awarded Best of Photography in Creative Photography. Currently, I am working as an event photographer for the school and as Design Editor on the Moore Memories yearbook staff.

My Thoughts: Excerpt from a School Essay 

I’ve come to understand the power of photography in recent years. I began taking pictures of landscapes and buildings on vacations as most people do. However, it wasn’t until I started to learn about photography in sophomore year of high school that I began to appreciate the art of simply taking a photo. But that’s just it, it isn’t simply just taking a photo, it is capturing a singular moment of the world with precise detail, in order to preserve it. It can recreate the raw beauty and intricacies of the natural world and put it in the palm of your hand. Photography is like a rushing waterfall, pouring out an endless stream of ideas and thoughts for me to peruse.

Like with any other art medium, there is no real right or wrong way to photograph a subject. I learned the basics from school such as the rule of thirds and composing your photo. Learning the techniques inside the classroom is great and all, but nothing compares to experiencing first hand the effects of changing all those tiny camera settings and modes outside the class in a live environment.

In my junior year, I joined yearbook to increase my scope of subjects to photography. I found out the hard way early into the year that I had more to learn. Friday night football quickly turned out to be a nightmare. I showed up the next Monday reviewing nothing but blurry football players and underexposed cheerleaders performing on the sidelines. There was nothing more devastating to me than missing the opportunity to capture the action in the heat of the moment. Realizing that I needed to admit help was an important moment in order for me to continue to advance. I was fortunate enough to learn from my experience and to solicit advice from my peers and mentors.

Photography has taught me to look at the world in a different light, one that highlights the natural beauty of everyday things. However, I have also picked up other things along the way. I have discovered that you can never stop learning, nor will there ever be a time when you think you have learned everything there is to know. I am eager to see what other discoveries await in the world in the days to come.

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